WIND Mobile: “we’ll get some things right… and we’ll get some things wrong”

wind-logoWind Mobile (Formally Globalive Wireless) came out swinging last week the announcement of their new brand. many questions over the past few months have circled around what devices, plans and price point they will enter the market at.

We caught a glimpse of this with a unconfirmed leaked document of their line-up. Chairman Tony Lacavera stated “that is not our document“. So the speculation continues. Today, Chris Robbins, Chief Customer Officer of WIND has written a post titled “What I Can Tell You About Our Service”.

Still no grand insight into the stuff we really want to learn about, but he does continue the momentum of how a customer could possibly be treated. Chris says “We will not spend a lot of time or money marketing to you. “Marketing” as a verb is dead. Some marketing people have yet to accept that, but it’s true. One-way, push marketing that focuses on just “selling” doesn’t work. So instead of marketing to you, we’ll listen to you”.

Wind (Globalive) has always taken the approach of expressing themselves through new media. Making a connection with the people who could potentially become their customer. They know they have zero market share today and also know that building trust is one of the first steps to gaining a customer. Wind Mobile is by far leading the way between the new wireless entrants (DAVE Wirleless and Public Mobile)… but will all this translate into business for them?

Robbins continues to give more detail as their core service beliefs such as:
Value: That means more for less. Think better pricing. Global levels of pricing and approach. And we’re not charging for fictional things like system access fee, 911, … gravity, … oxygen,

Simplicity: Do people really want 20 different price plans for a commodity like voice. Really? Not something we’re going to do. Ask yourself how many plans you’d expect. That’s right.

Control: If your plan is $50, your bill should be $50. That’s control. Do you know what a kilobyte of usage looks like? I don’t. Do you even know how many minutes you use on a monthly basis? I don’t. Control means not having to care. And control means you stay with us because you want to, not because you have to. No contracts.

Dialogue: It’s a conversation. Although people tend to think statically – “what are you bringing to market”? – the reality is that we’ll get some things right (a lot, I think), and we’ll get some things wrong. How will we know? By listening. Are you going to like everything we do from day one? Maybe not (probably not), but that’s the point. It isn’t about “marketing”. It’s about a focus on customers, plus some humility combined with experience and expertise, and a killer team of people to make it happen.”