Rogers asks “What’s your organization’s mobility IQ?”

Rogers and IDC Canada have created an online tool that helps you find out what your “mobility IQ” is. This is specifically directed for Canadian businesses and asks various questions about how you’re integrating mobile technology into your business life.n Once you complete the quiz you’ll find out what your “mobility IQ” is… they are actually 4 different levels. If you score 130+ you’re called a “Mobility Genius”; 111-130 “Superior”; 90 to 110 “Normal” and below 90 you’re “Challenged”.

Depending on which category you fall into you’ll get a brief synopsis of your mobility IQ and suggestions for the future. For example, “Mobility Genius” is as follows:

“Congratulations. Your organization is benefiting from full integration and ease of mobile technology management that is probably a result of a rigorous planning process. Remember to keep current with new wireless/mobility technologies so your organization continues to be leading-edge. Review and refresh your strategy annually ensuring that your training for both end-users and your IT department is continuously updated.

Check it here at Rogers