Toshiba showcases three unnamed Android tablets, sized 5.1″, 7.7″, and 13.3″

The new Toshiba Android tablets are looking really impressive, much improved from the original Thrive tablets that were released in 2011. As for the Excite X10, Toshiba Canada let me know that this will arrive sometime in the Spring. The price points are still being worked out, but if we follow the United States we’ll see this available for $529.99 for the 16GB model, and $599.99 for the 32GB model.

On the CES show floor today Toshiba had a few Android tablets on display, all locked up in plastic cases that nobody was allowed to touch. The usual 10.1-inch Excite X10 was there, along with some unannounced tablets. The size of the tablets were 5.1-inches, 7.7-inches and a mongo 13.3-inch. Here are the details that I was able to find out about them. First, the 5.1-inch tablet is just a production unit and currently there are no plans to bring this to the market. Next, the 7.7-inch is apparently scheduled to come to North America “later this year”, not sure about Canada, and has an OLED display and weighs in at 350 grams. The design is similar to the 10.1-inch Excite, but scaled down in size, and has that glorious looking metal bezel. As for the huge 13.3 in tablet, this too will apparently be coming to North America at some point.