Mobile Game of the Week: Fishing Break – smartphone big bass fishing

Fishing Break

Montreal-based independent video game studio Roofdog Games’ is back with their next title following Pocket Mine 2, an arcade-focused aquatic creature catching game called Fishing Break.

Fishing Break brings the zen act of fishing to mobile in, as expected, free-to-play (f2p) fashion, complete with eye catching cute, but simple visuals. Thankfully, like all f2p games that are worth playing, Roofdog’s latest doesn’t feature intrusive ads, and also doesn’t force players to buy their way through the experience. When it comes to free-to-play, pay-to-win is never a good strategy, and this seems to be a fact Roofdog Games is aware of.


Fishing Break’s gameplay is about as simple a one might expect. The player is located on a boat and they cast their lure into the water (by swiping the screen), and then begin to reel in their line. Once a better grasp of the game’s controls is gained, landing a lure beside a giant fish becomes a subtle act of finesse.

If a fish’s defence (the number next to their shield) is greater than their offence then the line breaks and you lose your catch. The trick to this is to keep an eye on your rod’s tension metre, tapping and swiping accordingly to keep the gilled creature’s strength at bay. This might sound easy, but in the heat of reeling in a big catch, it’s often difficult to keep screen presses consistent, which is key to landing large fish.

Unlockable maps, collectable fish, upgradable gear, as well as bait, round out the experience. Those who only opt to play the game for a few minutes a day, which is how many people experience mobile titles, will likely have a significant amount of fun with the game.

There’s another, deeper level to Fishing Break, however, that tasks players with collecting the title’s various rare fish and aiming for three star ratings on each mission, which is a great addition for players looking for more out of their mobile gaming experiences.

One thing is for sure, Fishing Break is certainly more entertaining than actual fishing.

Fishing Break is available on iOS for free and Android for free as well.

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