Freedom’s $40/6GB and $50/8GB plans are back yet again


The good times keep on rolling.

For the fifth weekend in a row, Freedom Mobile is offering its $40 Smartphone 40 plan with 6GB of data, and its Everywhere 59 plan with 8GB of Canadian data and 1GB of data in the U.S. for $50.

The Smartphone 40 plan also features unlimited Canada-wide talk and global text, while the Everywhere 59 plan carries unlimited Canada-wide talk and global text in addition to 2,400 minutes of U.S. calling.

As before, the two promotional offers are available to new customers who activate a ‘Pay Before’ or ‘Pay After’ line. The offers are only available until September 18th, though at this rate, it seems likely Freedom will bring back the two plans next weekend. Full details can be found here.

As an extra incentive for new customers to join, Freedom is offering the Galaxy Note 8 for $260 with a $35 per month MyTab Boost, meaning new customers can get a Note 8 with 6GB of monthly data for only $75.

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