Apple references rumoured AR headset during interview for first time

The device is rumoured to release in 2023

Rumours surrounding Apple’s augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR) ambitions have swirled for years, but similar to the fabled ‘Apple Car,’ the tech giant has never officially mentioned the device — until now.

Though it’s still a vague statement, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently teased that the company is working on a new AR product during an interview with Chinese government-run outlet China Daily (via 9to5Mac).

During the interview, Cook said, ” “stay tuned and you will see what we have to offer” when asked about Apple’s future AR ambitions.

There’s a possibility Cook be talking about new ARKit apps for the iPhone and iPad, but this is highly unlikely.

In the same interview, Cook is asked what he thinks it will take for an AR product to be successful. In response, Apple’s CEO says that he “couldn’t be more excited about AR” despite it being “in the very early innings” of its development.

Though some rumours pointed to Apple revealing its AR/VR headset during this year’s WWDC keynote, that didn’t happen.

The headset is rumoured to feature dual 4K displays, several 3D sensors and a price tag in the range of $3,000 USD price tag (roughly $3,736 CAD). Some rumours also point to the headset being powered by the tech giant’s M1 chip.

It’s expected that Apple will finally show off its mixed reality (MR) headset at some point in 2023.

Source: @cesarberadini Via: 9to5Mac

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