Amazon Prime Video announces cast for Quebec’s LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier?

Premiering in early 2023

LOL Qui Rira Le Dernier Prime Video -- host Patrick Huard and cast

Amazon has revealed the full cast for LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier?, its Quebec spin-off of the Last One Laughing comedy series.

The series, which got a Jay Baruchel-hosted Canada-wide version earlier this year, follows a group of 10 comedians as they try to make each other laugh without cracking up themselves. As previously confirmed, Patrick Huard (Good Cop, Bon Cop) is hosting LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier?, and we now know it will feature the following comedians:

LOL: Qui Rira Le Dernier? will premiere on Prime Video in early 2023.

It’s one of several Canadian original titles in the works at Prime Video, including the Three Pines mystery series starring Alfred Molina, a Jamie Lee Curtis-produced comedy series about The Great Canadian Maple Syrup Heist and a Mike Downie-directed film about The Tragically Hip and his late brother, Gord Downie.

Image credit: Prime Video

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