New federal framework to allow several industries, ISPs, to connect to 5G

ISED is using a non-competitive local licensing framework to connect users with the 3900MHz band

The federal government has introduced a new licensing policy it says will improve local access to 5G.

The policy will benefit internet service providers, rural and Indigenous communities, and industries that use wireless technologies, like agriculture, mining, and manufacturing.

Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada says a farm, for example, could utilize this spectrum for automated operations like crop tracking, which requires high levels of network performance.

Wireless providers will also be able to use the service to increase connectivity.

ISED will implement the non-competitive local (NCL) licensing framework through an automated licensing system in 2024. The 3900MHz band will cater to the framework.

“NCL licensing will allow users to get easy access to spectrum covering areas as small as a single farm, factory, university campus or shopping centre, enabling the adoption of many potential innovations,” ISED said in a press release.

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Source: ISED

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