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YouTube launches 30-second unskippable ads for TV viewers

YouTube is also experimenting with Hulu-like pause ads

Last year, YouTube conducted an experiment where it showed as many as 10 unskippable ads, back-to-back, in one video. Thankfully, that was only a test, and was never widely rolled out.

Now, YouTube is giving advertisers a new way to reach viewers who watch videos on their TVs: 30-second unskippable ads.

The video platform announced the new format at its Brandcast event for advertisers (via Engadget), saying it will be available through YouTube Select. This targeting option lets advertisers reach the audiences of YouTube’s most popular channels and allow for “richer storytelling” through ads.

The new format is similar to the traditional TV commercials that viewers can’t skip or fast-forward. YouTube already shows two 15-second unskippable ads in a row on some videos, but the 30-second format could be more appealing to some advertisers who want more time to convey their message or showcase their services. The format is currently available for advertisers in the US and Canada and will expand to other markets later this year.

YouTube is also experimenting with another ad format for connected TVs: Pause Experiences. These are ads that appear when viewers pause a video, similar to what Hulu offers.

YouTube didn’t detail when Pause Experiences will be available for advertisers, and what kind of ads users would see when they pause their YouTube video.

In other YouTube ad-related news, the company is experimenting with blocking ad blockers on its platform. Read more about it here.

Source: YouTube, via: Engadget

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