Rogers to release the iPhone Wednesday, May 21st?

Yes – another rumour is spreading around that the “new” official date for the launch of the iPhone in Canada will be Wednesday, May 21st, 2008 and will be available on a two or three year contract. This seems pretty solid as the source is directly from a Rogers Wireless employee and everything is in place with the Rogers unlimited data plans. The only question we have is about the “iPhone” copyright dispute with Comwave Telecom and if this is resolved? We know – another iPhone rumour and promise to keep you updated on the strength of this date.

In the meantime, we came across this wicked application called ViPR from Revolution Robotics. This gem allows you to take a picture from your iPhone of any CD cover, book cover, DVD cover and e-mail it to the Revolution Robotics server. It comes back with a full description of the picture you took with option to buy online. The below video is a demo with Finding Nemo, check it out here:

The only reason why we believe this product might not go the distance it because if you are taking a picture of a CD, book or DVD… there is a slight chance you already have it in your collection.