Rogers extends iPhone “limited time offer” to September 30th

After an onslaught of consumer feedback from the launch of the iPhone, Rogers created a “limited-time offer” plan that was a $30 monthly, this was supposed to end August 31st.

However, with the smartphone market heating up and the recent release of the BlackBerry Bold, Rogers has extended the “limited-time-offer” until the end of September.

Rogers spokesperson said “We learned a lot, we were educated by customers by what they wanted and we were educated by customers by what they used.”

Starting October 1st, Rogers will introduce a iPhone new data plan that is $25 a month for 500 megabytes a month (you must get a voice plan also and pay the system access fee of $6.95 though). Check this out too… 2 good moves in one day! On October 1st again, Rogers will roll out a “peace of mind protection plan” that will allow data users to monitor their activity via a free incoming text messages that warns them when they go over a specific level.

Hamilton said “Customers want to have some tools to give themselves predictable costs. You know those stories out there, every now and then you hear about them, that are really poor, terrible customer experiences where somebody’s got a five-figure data bill because their kid went and watched movies or something where they weren’t sure of the data usage, that’s not going to happen.”

Source: CBC