Best Buy Mobile Canada media invitation

Looks like Best Buy Canada is following through and bringing Best Buy Mobile to our country. Check out the attached invitation to preview the teaser of how Best Buy will “revolutionizing the way Canadians purchase mobile phones”. We will have more info as the week continues.

Best Buy Canada announced in June that they’ll be opening stores in malls and inside current stores…3 locations are targeted to be in operation by the end of 2008.

Here is our interview from June with Scott Morris (Senior Manager of Communications) and Phil Johnson (Director, Wireless Solutions) regarding Best Buy Mobile Canada


Here are some key points that they are planning to execute:
– ALL current Canadian wireless network carriers
– Canada’s best selection of phones and handsets
– A complete range of mobile phone accessories
– Knowledgeable, non-commissioned mobile phone specialists
– No rebates. Actual prices are clearly marked
– WOW (Walk Out Working) service for your phone, so that customers can leave our stores with their new mobile device actually working and data transferred
– Offer straightforward information on pricing
– Be there for our customers for the life of their phone