Exclusive Interview with Fido VP’s about new brand direction

After 12 years, Fido became a new dog today!

We briefly spoke with Sylvain Roy, Senior Vice President and General Manager and Patrick Hadsipantelis, Vice President Marketing about the new direction and services they are offering us Canadians.

During the conversation they expressed how the new look fresh that is “simplified, more affordable, more predictable because people are looking for the ability to control their spending.” They have launched plans that start as low as $15 and introduced the “Owners Gaurantee”.

In addition, they gave word that there will not be any new phones until possibly before Christmas, but do go into great detail about how the new doghouse logo is a continuity of the brand positioning: “in our minds it portrays that home is the best place… it’s caring,  feeling at home, and makes plenty of sense”.

Listen to it here and visit the “New Fido“: