Onslaught of BlackBerry Storm Reviews

The onslaught of reviews coming from the UK and now the US regarding the BlackBerry Storm is in full force. With Bell and Telus still in the closet about their official release date, only saying “coming soon” or “before the holidays”… all us Canadians can do is sit and watch the flurry of videos and written reviews pour in. Rumoured to be December 5th or December 8th. (We will have a review of the Storm shortly)

Here is a list of recent reviews regarding the Verizon BlackBerry Storm where the feedback is mixed, but unanimous that this is the best BlackBerry to date:

Engadget, CrunchGear, PhoneScoop, infoSyncWorld, Mobility Today, IntoMobile, Gizmodo, Boy Genius Report

In addition, here is a full list of video reviews and a couple commercials: