TELUS publishes complete BlackBerry Storm plans

In one of the most discrete launches since the Bold and iPhone, the BlackBerry Storm has had its share of stories.

Today there are many rumours flying around about a possible Bell Storm delay until January 2009?? (we still think the 15th of December), and to make things even more confusing a new Bell BlackBerry Storm OS made its way online before the device even launched, then conveniently removed.

However, TELUS seems to be moving forward nicely. Earlier in the week we received official price plans for 1-year and 3-year contracts. We checked out the TELUS site tonight and found a complete published list of their price plans (this is for new clients with a combo of voice, email and data totaling $45 or more, plus it expires December 25th):

3-year: $249.99
2-year: $449.99
1-year: $549.99
No Contract: $599.99

Now we just need an official release date. See the price plans here
(when it loads the page, click “View all our smartphones”… the Storm will load with the released $249.99 price, then click the Storm and you will see the full listing)