Globalive’s Lacavera: “It reinforces my plan”

globalivearticleWith Globalive aiming to launch their cellphone network fall of 2009 (national in 2010) in the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa.

They’ve made a part of their business strategy known by offering a fixed-price monthly plan that has no contract, allows unlimited calling within your area and rollover minutes with a core aim to reach the 16-60 year olds that don’t have a cell phone yet.

In Canada, 60% of Canadians have a cellphone (aged 16-60) with our average monthly bill being $60. In an article in the February 2009 issue of Toronto Life called “Upwardly Mobile”, Anthony Lacavera, CEO of Globalive, speaks about the recent price change by Bell, TELUS and Rogers to eliminate the system access fees from their sub brands Solo, Koodo and Fido: “I’m proud of the fact that Solo, Fido and Koodo are already repositioning themselves. It reinforces my plan.”