Fido to end sales of iPhone 3G 16GB starting April

fido-iphone-gone1For those who are looking to get the Apple iPhone 16GB in their hands through Fido might want to rush and get it over the next couple weeks.

We’ve been notified that Fido has plans to discontinue the sales of the iPhone 3G 16GB models. They will start to deplete their current stock at the beginning of April and will not be reordering.

So what could this actually mean? Ever since Fido changed its brand last November they have streamlined their line-up and targeted their advertising to reach the  “cost effective” wireless customer. Perhaps the iPhone is to rich for them? The iPhone 3G 16GB is currently priced at $299 on a 3-year term. The 8GB will still be available and this could mean we might see a price drop soon… this would go right in line with what RBC Capitol Markets analyst Mike Abramsky has been saying about a possible $99 iPhone this June or July. Or perhaps this might mean that the rumour of the iPhone Nano is back on the table.

We will have more information shortly. As a whole, Rogers (who owns Fido) sold about 385,000 iPhones last year: Q3 was 255,000 and the Q4 total 130,000.