Globalive’s “Wireless Soapbox” comes to an end?

wirelesssoapboximageIf you remember way back in September, Globalive came in with guns blazing giving us Canadians a place to discuss our frustrations of current wireless carriers and share ideas about how a new wireless carrier could run their business. Even CEO Tony Lacavera himself said wireless companies should do “less telling and a lot more listening”…

Perhaps it’s a cost savings measure or possibly the bigger issue of not having current carriers  share their cellphone towers to build the national network… but the highly touted “Wireless Soapbox” forum from Globalive has been taken offline. The conversations have stopped and ideas are now “forbidden” and hopefully it’s not a sign of things to come.

Globalive is aiming to launch their cellphone network fall of 2009 (national in 2010) in the following cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and Ottawa offering fixed monthly plans with no contract targeting the 16-60 year olds that don’t have a cell phone yet.

** UPDATE: WirelessSoapbox is now back online. **

Thanks nadim!