More leakage of Rogers X1… $599 outright?

attachmentThe Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 has taken its sweet time making its way into our Canadian hands. Many reasons could be caused for the delay such as software, waiting for the Android devices to launch, wanting to get the C905 out first??

New pics have emerged from our Forum member “palanium” that shows Rogers is set to release the X1 as it’s now on a list of devices in their inventory. In addition a full price of $599 is quoted as the outright price to purchase this at. No word on the list of release dates but my hunch is that this will be available within a couple weeks.

The most oddball thing about this document is that next to the X1 has the Samsung logo, perhaps it was so long coming to the Canadian market that they actually forgot who built it.

Check out another picture here in our Forum

Thanks “palanium”!