Bell attacks Rogers BlackBerry plans: “Bell vs. Rogers”

bellvsrogersnewimageWe know that Bell and Rogers have a long relationship when it comes to advertising against each other… heck a few months back Rogers claimed that Bell was false advertising with their campaign for being the “fastest and most reliable network”. This was taken straight to the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC) to have their ads removed.

Today is a new day and with a new day comes new advertising. Bell has decided to target Rogers once again, this time no holds barred with a bold posters showing “Bell vs. Rogers”. This is a targeted advertising campaign only located in the Greater Toronto Area locations. The tagline is “Get more than Rogers for Less than Rogers”…and what is it exactly? Well if you are a BlackBerry user you’ll be happy to know that Bell will be launching a new plan today called “GTA Attacks Rogers” and it takes on Rogers $70 BlackBerry plan.

Currently Rogers has a BlackBerry plan that gives you 550 minutes and 1Gb of Data for $70 a month. Bell’s new plan will have the following for $45 a month: 550 minutes, 100 bonus minutes and 1GB data. So in all you get 100 minutes and save $25 per month!

The weird thing about the ad is that they show 2 old Blackberry Curves. We know that Bell is coming out with the BlackBerry Tour (around July 15th) and Rogers has been sporting the BlackBerry 8900 for some time now. However, just some updated devices could have possibly been even more convincing.

UPDATE: check out this link for internal documents!