Rogers Sony Ericsson C905 Video Review

news-sony-ericsson-c905-bigThere’s nothing better than relaxing with a few choice beverages and reviewing a bang on device that’s meant for capturing the great Canadian cottage scene. In testing the Sony Ericsson C905 we wanted to really test out the 8.1 megapixel camera and see what it’s capable of.

First, the C905 looks stellar and nothing like a mobile phone, in fact it looks more like a digital camera than anything. With it’s sexy curves and sleek silver accents the C905 is something to admire from past Sony Ericsson devices (excluded from that comment is the X1). The C905 only comes in at 136 grams with overall dimensions of4.1 x 1.9 x 0.7 inches. It feels great in the hand and not bulky at all. The 2.4 inch screen is a scratch resistant and has a resolution of 240×320. Viewing your images/videos and web on here was no problem, actually a good size, but with anything these days we would like to see it a bit bigger to make the experience that much better. The only issue with the screen is that it will collect a great deal of dust and debris as it’s embedded under the mount, not flush with the entire device.

The C905 has an M2 memory card that can hold up to 8GB for all your images, videos, music. The music player is decent (no 3.5 mm headset jack) and the speakers are impressive. At full blast this banged out the tunes. In fact as this is DNLA certified you could hook it up wirelessly and connect it to your TV and use it for watching your video etc…

The 8.1 megapixel camera by far is the standout feature in this. To access this you’ll have to look on the back of the device and slide the lens cover down. It’s easy to use and comes with a Xenon Flash, 16x Digital zoom, Face Detection, smile detection, smart contrast, auto focus, image stabilizer, red-eye reduction, video stabilizer and Geo tagging (built-in GPS) and has video capabilities (30 fps). It can honestly replace your digital camera that you would buy at a retailer. When you take a picture this has a max resolution of 3264 x 2448 pixels.

Apart from the regular phone features such as contacts, calender, games, this comes with an FM radio, MP3 player and Stereo Bluetooth, Built in GPS, all your messaging SMS, MMS, IM & MobileMail. Check out the review here:

This now available exclusively through Rogers Wireless on the following price plans:
3-year Promotional offer: $249.99 with Rogers Vision
3-year $299.99
2-year $349.99
1-year $399.99
Outright: $474.99