Virgin to increase Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing October 4th

virginmobilelogoEver since Bell took over complete control over at Virgin, we’ve noticed a few changes. First, they now bring on devices faster or even ahead of Bell (Samsung Link). Second, they have changed their price plans to have only a 2-year or prepaid contracts (3-year for BlackBerry devices only). Third, their website is getting a complete overhaul over the next few months, and lastly – they are slowly starting to increase their rates.

On the Virgin Customer Updates page they’ve noted that “On October 4, 2009, the price of Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing will change from $7/month to $10/month. If you are already hooked up with Unlimited Mobile Web Browsing then you can keep using it at the current $7 monthly rate. Just a heads-up that if you ever miss a payment or remove the subscription, you can hook it back up for the new $10 monthly rate.”