Rogers Wireless releases “Lone Worker Safety Solutions” in Alberta

lonerIt’s always tough to be a loner, always by yourself with nobody to talk with except your own mind. Imagine working by yourself all day! Good news for those who fit into this category as those days of blabbering are gone! A new Alberta legislation mandates employers to keep in constant contact with their employees who work solo, also known as “lone workers”.

Rogers is taking this opportunity to comply and also help out to keep lone workers safe. Steve Roberts, VP for Rogers Wireless in Alberta said “The lone worker legislation may be new, but we’ve been doing some real pioneering here in Calgary on this topic for some time. We’re proud to partner with innovative companies like Blackline GPS, Premier GPS and NelTrak to create and provide simple wireless technologies that help keep people safe, no matter where and when they’re working.”

There are now 3 available products that can be purchased for about $30 a month.:
1. Loner by Blackline GPS, a manufacturer of communication technology security, tracking and monitoring devices. The size of a mobile phone, the Loner is worn by the lone worker and constantly provides its GPS location. It also includes a panic button for emergencies and motion detector that tracks lack of motion which can indicate a worker in distress.

2. “SafetyBerry” is a BlackBerry application by Premier GPS. Available on the BlackBerry Curve and Bold, it offers advanced real-time GPS tracking functions and ways for lone workers to indicate distress or check in with their employer with the click of a few keys.

3. “NelTrak” offers several options including a GPS unit with built-in panic button that is installed in vehicles, a FOB that workers can carry with them, and a portable unit that can be strapped onto an ATV or sled. Each option can be monitored 24/7 by highly trained oil and gas specialists in a technical centre – a one-of-its-kind approach in the oilpatch.