Vidéotron rolls out “Duophone” offer

duphone-offerWe are looking forward to what Videotron will come up with regarding their wireless network over the next few months. More competition and faster speeds are always welcome!

This is really nothing special but we like the direction they are going in. Vidéotron has released a new promo that gives a little back to customers who subscribe (or intend to subscribe) to their residential cable-telephone service. If you do, you can get the “Duophone” offer.

Basically it gives you unlimited local calls anytime “between wireless subscribers and between cable telephone and wireless subscribers”. As always you should read the fine print as this is a “limited time offer” and can only be activated if you are on one of Vidéotron’s 300­ minute or more plans. They state that “the offer includes unlimited local calling between Vidéotron wireless subscribers as well as unlimited calling between Vidéotron’s cable telephone and wireless subscribers. It is applicable to the 12-, 24- or 36-month initial wireless service subscription and is not renewable.”

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