Public Mobile is a “community of unlimited conversation”

publicmobileimagePublic Mobile has been relatively quiet over the past few months. For those unfamiliar with them they are one of the new wireless carriers that will be launching soon. Public Mobile only spent $53 million to obtain the commercial G Band license that reaches 19 million people in Ontario and Quebec (Windsor to Quebec City). They will also offer unlimited flat-rate talk and text packages for around the $40 a month price point.

The last we heard from Public Mobile was at the 2009 Canadian Wireless Summit when the CEO’s from Globalive (now WIND Mobile), DAVE Wireless and Public we on stage battling it out. Back then, Public Mobile CEO Alek Krstajic had some suggestions for his new entrant counterparts “If you look and smell like an incumbent you cause them to become more competitive and they make it really tough, they’ll put their foot on your throat”.

What’s new on the Public Mobile front these days is how they introduce themselves. On their career section on their website they have a couple new additions: Bilingual Regional Sales Manager & Director, Information Technology. They now describe themselves as:

“Welcome to our community of unlimited conversation. Public Mobile is in business to help more people have more conversations. It’s why we will offer unlimited talk and text for a flat rate. Unlimited means our customers can talk and text all they want with no restrictions on minutes, or what day or time they can call. At Public Mobile we believe anytime is a good time to say, “Hi”, “I’m running late” or “See you soon”. We also believe that owning a cell phone shouldn’t be frustrating, difficult or unpredictable. With Public Mobile there are no contracts, no credit checks and no surprises. So no matter how much our customers talk or text, they always pay the same flat rate. This means they’ll never be surprised by a bill at the end of the month.”

Only a few more months until we see a number of new carriers in the market!