Paid Apps coming to Palm’s App Catalog September 24th?

app-catalogA few weeks ago we saw an OS update to webOS 1.2 leak online (accidentally by Palm) that will give us the ability to have new features such as a copy and paste functions for the browser which allows you to select both text and graphics; Copying and saving the URL; Improved zoom on text-entry fields; Email searching and LED notifications when a new message arrives.

Pretty cool stuff, but the most anticipated is the arrival of paid apps in the App Catalog. This is still in beta and new apps get uploaded every Thursday. News comes today from a document that shows the paid apps feature will be put live on Thursday, September 24th.

PreCentral reports that “Developers get paid via PayPal on a 70/30 split. The ability to upload apps will cost developers $99 a year, but the lucky beta participants only need to chip in a token $5 for this first year.”

Hopefully at the same time this is launched, Palm will decide to push webOS 1.2 live also. Good things are happening at Palm!