Alberta payphone now costs $0.50 thanks to the cellphone!

telus-payphoneBack in 2007 the CRTC approved the increase of a local phone call from a payphone to $0.50 in Alberta. People have been paying $0.35 for a number of months now, but special thanks goes out to the continuing growth and popularity of cellphones!

Telus has raised the price to its approved amount and will cost those wanting to use a payphone $0.15 more. Honestly though, who carries $0.35 in change around? Even though it’s a extra few cents, it more convenient to have a couple quarters handy.

Stats show that payphones continue to fall off the map. In 1999, there was approximately 38,000 pay phones in B.C. and Alberta, and now there are about 20,000 available.

Chris Gerritsen, a spokesman for Telus, said “The use of pay phones continues to fall while our costs to maintain those pay phones remains largely constant”.

Via: CBC