Interview with Tony Lacavera: “We are absolutely undeterred”

Coming off the last few days of being questioned from by the CRTC and the incumbents (TELUS, Bell and Rogers) about their equity, debt and who actually controls their organization, Chairman of Globalive (parent company of WIND Mobile) is as usual incredibly enthusiastic and very optimistic about the future.

We sat down with him this morning for a brief conversation where he said “the only intervenors were the incumbents, there weren’t too many, in fact any Canadians showing up saying we don’t want to see Globalive offering a new choice in wireless”.

The CRTC stated they will present their final decision if Globalive will be able to launch or not at the very latest by October 23rd.

When it comes to the Wind Mobile brand launching, Lacavera said “We are absolutely undeterred and moving ahead, we have a great team on the ground building the network… we plan to launch mid-November. As I said earlier we won’t launch the network until we’re very comfortable that service is going to be solid, that the offering is ready and the network is ready. So were are going full speed ahead in those 5 launch cities Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa and Vancouver… We may delay the launch but it won’t be because of the incumbents or the CRTC.”