Bell creates “Virtual Torch” to spread Olympic spirit

bell-o-torchWith the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games coming up fast we’ll see more features and services pop up of how we can get access to all the stats, news, standings and pictures on our mobile device.

Bell is a major sponsor of the Games and have started to spread the Canadian spirit by creating the “Bell Virtual Torch”. This somewhat represents the Olympic Flame that will start traveling across Canada on October 30th. The Torch is an animated .gif file and can be downloaded to your computer and cellphone as a wallpaper:

To download to your computer visit this link: bell.ca/vancouver
To download to your mobile device visit this link: bellvirtualtorch.mobi
You can also text “torch” or “flambeau” to 2044 (standard text and data fees apply)

In addition, Bell has created a short video of all the ways we can stay connected to the Olympics. The short video has the Samsung Omnia 2. Watch it here

Loring Phinney, Vice President, Corporate and Olympic Marketing for Bell said “The Bell Virtual Torch, like the Olympic Flame, is unique and offers Canadians the opportunity to share in the Olympic experience by carrying the flame on their computers or mobile phones.”