Rogers to release “Essential Connect Package” specifically for seniors

Rogers is getting ready to release a device specifically for seniors – and possibly reaching an untapped market. The Doro Phone Easy 410 gsm was supposed to be available today. This phone has big buttons with large fonts that makes for easy dialing/texting and comes with a extra loud handset volume feature. Other features has a “easy to read” colour display and a “special ‘alert’ button that triggers emergency text message alerts and calls. Getting old sounds terrible.

As for price points: No-Term: $99 and a 2 year-term: $24.99. There’s a specialized price plan for this called the “Essential Connect Package” and the Doro Phone Easy 410 must be purchased to get it:
$15 – 100 weekday minutes
$20 – 150 weekday minutes
$25 – 200 weekday minutes

There are also some specially priced add-ons:
$5 – Call display
$7 – Call display + voicemail
$7 – Long Distance add-on

Check it out here at Rogers