Videotron adds “plus” to Infinite Quebec plan… gives 5GB plus unlimited texting

Every carrier has come out with an Unlimited Quebec plan and you can’t blame Videotron for upping the ante with their Infinite Quebec plan. They have now added a “Plus” and unlimited text, photo, video messages and emails. Pretty good – also they have added a cap to the infinite plan with 5GB data (you would think with an infinite plan it wouldn’t be capped) to “access Internet on your mobile and 30 viewing hours on illico mobile”.

They also have a promo that gives the first month free but reading the fine print says “This limited-time offer is intended to new residential customers subscribing to Videotron mobile service. Regular rate apply as of the second month. This offer does not apply for Videotron wireless customers who migrate on the 3G+ network.”

As for pricing: $109.50/month. If you bundle it with other Videotron services you’ll get a discount, but not by much.

Check it out here at Videotron