Update: HoFo/Mobilicity event with CEO Dave Dobbin

If you’ve ever wanted to meet Mobilicity CEO Dave Dobbin and ask him a few questions… Wednesday January 19th is a date you might want to mark down on your calendar. Our friend Howard from Howard Forums is holding a meet up with the man himself. The free event is taking place in North York between 6pm – 9pm and dinner seems to be included in the soiree. Tickets are first-come first-served basis.

What questions would you ask Dave?

Update: Unfortunately I didn’t make it to the event but following via Twitter has tag #hofomob. Here are some highlights that are currently streaming:

1. 2 new plans will be launching tomorrow, the $45 will now include data
2. Dave Dobbin says the Nexus S will launch in March with them – along with Rogers, Bell and TELUS
3. Mobilicity will also release the BlackBerry PlayBook when it’s released
4. They are not yet profitable
5. They will be launching Calgary and no new markets after, only improving their network
6. Wind Mobile is not their competition, Rogers, Bell and TELUS are
7. BES coming to Mobilicity, no date yet.

Check it out here at Twitter
(Thanks Daniel!)

More info here at Howard Forums