Report: Android was the #1 Smartphone platform in Q4 2010

Interesting stats have come out from U.K. research firm Canalys today. They state that in Q4 2010 Google’s Android OS became the world’s leading smartphone platform, overtaking Nokia’s Symbian. In total there was over 100 million smartphones shipped in the quarter and that Android-based devices made up 32.9 million of them. Symbian dropped to second place with 31.0 million worldwide shipments. The report states that LG, Samsung, Acer and HTC helped push Android to the #1 spot and that HTC and Samsung accounted for almost 45% of Google OS-based shipments. On another note in the report shows that RIM dropped to 4th place (14.4% market share) while Apple took over 3rd place with 16% market share.

This news today jives with what Gartner Research said back in September when they predicted that Android will rise to become the “top OS in North America by the end of 2010″… and on track to be “the worldwide leader by 2014”.

So there you have it. People around the world are embracing the openness of Google’s Android platform.

Source: Canalys
Via: Engadget

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