Beautiful Widgets for Android Reaches 500,000 downloads

One of the most popular paid apps in the Android Marketplace, Beautiful Widgets, has reached the half million download mark in less than two years. While not a staggering feat in the world of blockbuster Apple App Store downloads, the Android Marketplace does not have the same paid app attraction as its iOS counterpart.

The Android Marketplace has been picking up steam lately, especially for developers looking to make money from their apps. Yesterday, the makers of the popular cross-platform Pocket Legends boasted that their Android app is making 30-50% more money than its iPhone counterpart, and that Android users spend considerably more time within the game. Recently, too, Rovio Mobile, makers of the ubiquitous Angry Birds game, claimed that their ad-supported, free Android version has now been downloaded over 30 million times, with an 80% retention rate.

The makers of Beautiful Widgets, LevelUp Studio, say in a blog post that “we are… very proud of what we have done,” and will continue to provide free updates for the $2.70 app.

All this points to a lot of success for developer in the Android community. The platform has proven difficult for developers to make money from, since its relative openness makes pirating apps easier than on iOS, and its younger, lower-income demographic tends towards free over paid downloads. The implementation of in-app purchases, as well as increased and varied uses of Google’s AdMob network within apps will only help developers and users in the future.

Source: LevelUp Studio Blog
Via: Switched & IT Pro Portal