$6 billion telecom merger could mean better roaming plans, devices and tablets for WIND

The $6.5-billion merger between Russia’s VimpelCom and Wind Telecom SpA has been approved by its shareholders, but is still pending regulatory approvals. In total this brings them to a combined 173 million mobile subscribers and also creates the 5th largest mobile operator in the world and Globalive’s Wind Mobile will be a part of this deal.

Wind Mobile launched in Canada back in December 2009 and have brought on over 250,000 subscribers to date. On the company blog today WIND Mobile chairman Tony Lacavera stated that “This is great news for us. Our partner, Orascom, will be even larger and stronger as a financial partner. This gives us more leverage and increased scale with telecom network equipment manufacturers and more importantly, for devices including handsets and tablets. This will also give us more access to international cooperation for roaming and long distance services. All of that means the ability to deliver even more value to all of our customers.”

Source: WIND Mobile