Finance Minister Dwight Duncan on the PlayBook: “It’ll certainly replace my laptop”

The BlackBerry PlayBook will go on sale in 11 days on April 19th through various Canadian retail outlets. We mentioned last week that Finance Minister Dwight Duncan was given the anticipated tablet ahead of launch and he seems been flaunting it at every opportunity. First he brought it to the recent Ontario budget and an image was even put on the paper handouts for all to see. The latest spotting of Duncan’s PlayBook was during an interview at his office where he admits that he’s “not a tech guy” but is getting used to the tablet and playing Need For Speed.

Duncan gave a semi-review and stated “This thing is so intuitive and so easy that even a guy like me can make it work… Need For Speed, this is fun… I’m getting into dangerous territory now (because) I haven’t played ‘Tetris’ on this yet…. This is smaller, the graphics to me seem better and it’s easier to handle and to stow as well… They were saying on the news these things could replace desktops and that doesn’t surprise me in the least. It’ll certainly replace my laptop.”

Source: WFP