Toronto-based PushLife gets acquired by Google

Remember PushLIfe? This is the Toronto-based organization that currently powers the Virgin Mobile Live BlackBerry app. A few months ago we interviewed Founder & CEO of PushLife Ray Reddy and was completely blown away with how user friendly their music app was, not just on BlackBerry devices but on the most basic quick messaging devises. You can check out the interview here but good fortune has come their way as they have officially announced that Google has purchased them.

They stated on their site that “We are pleased to announce that we’ve been acquired by Google… We’ll be joining Google engineering team in Canada, and will be working on building better mobile application for all users. The past three years have been an incredible ride and, while we will be eventually discontinuing the PushLife service, we look forward to more adventures at Google”.

There are many reasons Google would have snatched up PushLife: So RIM would not have used them exclusively for their BlackBerry devices/tablets; to incorporate the PushLife features into the upcoming Android music platform and possibly build out a future music/video/movie distribution channel.

Whatever the reason is a BIG congrats to everyone at PushLife!
Source: PushLife