Is unlocking your iPhone (without jailbreak) worth $174.50 to you?

Negri Electronics (and other outlets now) have found a way to apparently permanently unlock your GSM iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G without jailbreaking it. The service costs a high $174.50 (USD) and uses the device’s IMEI number to connect through iTunes with Apple’s activation server.

Negri states “This is the FIRST remote unlocking service for the iPhone. Any model, any carrier, any firmware, any baseband and a permanent unlock. YOUR PHONE WILL NOT RE-LOCK, EVER. This service is guaranteed. Simply send us your IMEI and within 24 hours yourself a permanently unlocked iPhone.”

Seems to work smoothly but is it worth $174.50 to you?

Source: Negri
Via: TiPB