Virgin increasing text message rates August 1st for myPlan Members

Not the biggest news but definitely something to be aware of, especially if you’re not on a text plan with Virgin. They noted on their website that the text message rates are increasing August 1st for myPlan Monthly Plan Members. The increases impact those who are not signed up on a text plan, not those who already have a text add-on or an unlimited text plan. Incoming texts are still free but here are the increases:

– Pay-per-use and out-of-bundle from Canada/U.S/ sent texts increasing by 5¢ to 20¢/message.
– Pay-per-use and out-of-bundle sent texts to Mobile Apps (like Facebook & Twitter) will be charged at 20¢/message.
– Pay-per-use and out-of-bundle sent texts to International numbers increasing by 10¢ to 35¢/message.

Again, these changes start August 1st so there is lots of time to get on a plan.
Check this out over at Virgin here

(Thanks Gordon!)