Poll: Which Canadian carrier has the best customer service?

Over the past couple weeks we created a few different polls: Which Canadian carrier has the best lineup of devices and which carrier has the best monthly rate plan. Based on your votes it was TELUS who has the best device lineup and WIND has the best monthly plans.

Let’s dig a bid deeper to see what happens after the carrier takes your hard earned money. Whether it’s in person, on the phone or online having great a service experience is key to keeping your customers. There are those times that you feel you’re treated unfairly and everything falls apart. Twitter and Facebook become your best friend and the carriers social media team is on deck to calm the situation. Each carrier thinks they offer the best service and to entice you to make the “switch” many offer a port-in credit with all sorts of member discounts to keep happy. Other carriers just say thanks with a warm smile and reward your business with free 6PM evenings. So, based in your experience, which Canadian carriers has the best customer service?