Rogers and Hydro Quebec sign 6-year M2M contract

Rogers started to focus on the machine-to-machine (M2M) market last year – basically finding ways to have all your devices talk to each other so you can continually live a “connected life”. A couple of trials have already been in motion, one with the Toronto Hydro to track electricity usage and the other with the City of Ottawa to remotely monitor city traffic. This was all managed from a Smartphone. Nadir Mohamed, President and CEO of Rogers, stated last year that he expects the M2M space “to grow by 500 percent in the next 5 years”.

Today, Rogers announced a 6-year contract that teams up with Hydro-Quebec to monitor their 3.8-million Smart Meters:

“Rogers Communications announced today that the Rogers team in Quebec will enable the provision of machine to machine (M2M) wireless connectivity across the province of Quebec to Hydro-Quebec. Rogers will connect Hydro Quebec’s central system with up to 600 Smart Meter collectors, which aggregate data relayed from the province’s 3.8-million Smart Meters. Following a rigorous call for proposals, Rogers was awarded a six year contract because of its expertise in being able to provide M2M turnkey business solutions via a reliable network at competitive prices.”

Still to come this year for Rogers M2M is the “Smart Home Monitoring” that is a security system that also involved the ability to check news, sports and local traffic via a monitor in the home and on your smartphone.

Via: CNW