Google apparently sells out of the 8GB Nexus 7, prepping for the 32GB version

Google is expected to announce a 32GB Nexus 7 tablet, both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity, at their upcoming “playground is open” Android event on October 29th. Google has yet to confirm the news of a new version of the tablet, but some retails have received stock and unofficially started selling them. According to a Best Buy leak Canada the price for the 32GB Wi-Fi version will be $269 CDN.

Slight sign of progress as it seems the 8GB version that originally launched is now showing “coming soon,” or out of stock, which potentially means they are transitioning away from the low-storage tablet. The 8GB retailed for $209 and hopefully a massive price drop for the 16GB version is en route… everything will be revealed on Monday.

Source: Google Play
Via: PocketNow