Update: Another image of RIM’s BlackBerry 10 all-touch device leaks online

RIM’s CEO declared yesterday that over 50 carriers around the world are now testing BlackBerry 10 and that “they are excited about the prospect of launching” the new platform. Unfortunately there’s no concrete timeline as to when the first BB10 device will be available, only that it’ll land sometime during Q1 2013.

However, adding to the excitement is another leaked image. The pic above looks like the Dev Alpha device and is apparently the upcoming all-touch L-Series BB10 smartphone – no word if this is the final hardware that carriers are currently testing. No other details on specs, just another glorious pic of what we can expect to see in a few months. The other device that RIM will be releasing is a QWERTY/touch that will reportedly launch between 6-8 weeks later.

Update: We’ve been asked nicely to remove the image. BB10 is coming soon…

Source: CrackBerry