CIBC survey says that 47% of Canadians smartphones owners would consider making mobile payments to their credit card

A very timely survey has been released by CIBC that reveals Canadians have a love for mobile banking and that we’re ripe for a new mobile payment option. Today marks the day that Rogers and CIBC will unleash their new “suretap” mobile payment option across Canada.

The survey showed that 36% of Canadians who have a smartphone now do mobile banking via their device, plus a high percentage said they would ‘consider’ making mobile payments via their smartphone. According to their findings, which surveyed 2,026 Canadians between July 12th and July 22nd, stated that 47% would consider using a mobile payment service and have it charged to their credit card – which is what Rogers and CIBC are doing.

David Williamson of CIBC said that “Canadians are embracing smartphones as part of their everyday life, and increasingly they are using these devices to stay connected to their finances through services like mobile banking and emerging options such as mobile payments. Having access to their bank accounts and credit cards through their mobile device gives Canadians a new level of convenience as part of their banking experience, and we see demand for these services continuing to grow.”

We’ll be at the big show today that will see Simon Whitfield make the first official mobile payment via a BlackBerry later this morning.

Source: CNW