Kindle eBook store quietly launches in Canada, but where is the Fire?

The Kindle eBook store has quietly launched in Canada, but there is no indication that Amazon will bring the Fire tablet series to our humble land.

This morning, Digital Reader discovered that the company had added Kindle eBooks to its main sidebar and, once visited, showcases top Canadian authors such as Alice Munro and Margaret Atwood, all priced in Canadian dollars. While it was previously possible to important a Kindle eReader from the States and purchase books, all transactions were performed in USD through the U.S. market, and users lacked located curated sources such as the Globe & Mail Bestseller list and the aforementioned Canadian author showcase.

So this begs the question: is Amazon planning to launch its Kindle Fire tablets in Canada in the coming weeks? Considering it wouldn’t be much of a value proposition without the addition of movie, television and music purchases, I’d imagine not. But you never know: Amazon is next to Apple in terms of content distribution, and could quickly become the second-biggest ecosystem very quickly, especially if they get in ahead of Google in offering music downloads.

Amazon does point out that Canadians can download its Kindle apps on any number of platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows 8 tablets. A soft launch is better than none at all, so let’s see what comes in the next few weeks.

Source: Digital Reader
Via: TheNextWeb