All Samsung devices that received Mango will be updated to Windows Phone 7.8?

According to a Samsung representative in Italy, the company is working with Microsoft to bring Windows Phone 7.8 to all devices that were updated to Mango. To Canadians this is limited to the first-generation Focus, as no Mango-native devices were released here.

But it’s good news for anyone still rocking a first-gen Windows Phone 7 device, perhaps waiting out their 3-year contract, as it looks like Samsung is aligning with Nokia and HTC in bringing Windows Phone 7.8 to legacy smartphones.

Nokia has confirmed that it will begin rolling out WP7.8 to its Lumia line in early 2013; we’re hoping the same is true of the Focus, though it will be up to Rogers to push it out.

“We can confirm that our products carrying the Windows Phone version 7.5 are updated the [version] 7.8 but will be made available with terms decided by Microsoft. “

Anyone excited for Windows Phone 7.8, or have you already set your sights on WP8?

Source: Windows Phone Italy (translated)
Via: PocketNow