Rumour: Samsung Galaxy S IV will have the S Pen included, launch in April

It’s been a month since the last Samsung Galaxy S IV rumour hit the web and today there’s a fresh one. A refresh of previous rumours had Samsung launching this in April 2013 and once again increasing the size of their flagship Android to a 5-inch display (1080Ă—1920 resolution) with 441 pixels per inch (ppi), embedding a quad-core processor and a 13-megapixel camera, plus running Jelly Bean.

The new rumour is from overseas report in Korea that says we’ll see the GS IV come with the S-Pen. This stylus was brought back to life when the Galaxy Note launched a couple years ago – which created “a new product category” for them. The inclusion of the S-PEN was reportedly confirmed by a unnamed Samsung exec. In addition, the report also indicated that the GS IV will be 9.1mm thin, which is also a bit thicker than the current Galaxy S III at 8.6mm thin.

The Galaxy S family of devices and the Note family of devices are different brands within the company. Bringing the S-PEN to the GS IV might cause even more confusion. Perhaps it will be an accessory within the box and not manufactured into the device. What do you think? Any truth to the rumour of the S-PEN coming to GS IV?

Source: Enuri
Via: Phandroid