Real or Fake: Leaked HTC M7 render reveals 8X influences

A new image of the upcoming HTC M7 has hit the web, and it looks almost nothing like the render we showed off a few days ago. So, what’s going on? Could the above image be yet another fan-made render, a dream of 8X-inspired proportions? It could be, but HTCSource, a trusted, ahem, source for information on the Taiwanese OEM, claims it is the real deal.

If you look at the front, you’ll notice slightly updated designs for the capacitive navigation buttons, but the home button is located to the right. This is unlikely to be the case for the finished product, but HTC has done some strange things before, so we’ll have to see. The image on the front denotes new icons for Sense 5.0, a simpler and flatter design than we’re used to from the company. Then there’s the always-present Power Saver feature that we found so invasive and unnecessary on the One X+.

The back of the phone is certainly inspired by the 8X, with similar micro-sized holes for the speaker below a Beats Audio insignia. The camera, which is supposed to be 13MP, sticks out slightly from the back, reminiscent of the One X.

In all, the M7 looks to take the best features of the One X and 8X and combine them into a compact, premium-constructed Android smartphone. Whether the image is perfectly accurate — Pocketnow claims it to be a render made by someone with first-hand knowledge of the M7 and not an official HTC image — won’t be known until Mobile World Congress, but it does lend some credulity to the idea that the company is working with its excellent 8X lineage on future devices.

Update: Seems to be some conflicting reports on this image. Reputable Twitter leaker Football4PDA calls this image a fake. Hopefully the “M7” gets revealed before Mobile World Congress. What do you think… real or fake? – IH

Source: HTCSource
Via: Czujnym Okiem, Pocketnow & Twitter