Toronto-based XTouch wins Top App title and scores $1,000 prize

Toronto-based XTouch developed technology that makes it possible for any surface to be touch-sensitive, thus extending its real estate past the limitations of the physical display.

We had some hands-on time with XTouch a few weeks ago and co-founder Amin Heidari stated that “Each surface responds differently depending on its physical structure. From the device perspective, these two taps… knocking the small wooden table in front of me in two spots sound completely different, which is how the app knows to respond a certain way.”

XTouch is seeing some positive feedback as they’ve claimed the title of Top App from the University of Toronto’s 2014 Mobile App Lab Demo Night, plus scored a $1,000 prize. The XTouch tech is currently embedded in two different apps within iTunes — Voodoo Tap Frogs and Magic Xylophone — with more apparently on the way.

Check out our full write up about XTouch here, or the video below.