This is the how the Moto 360 will wirelessly charge

Moto 360 has a beautiful circular display and will be the third smartwatch to run on Google’s Android Wear. While Motorola gave us a hands-on of the upcoming wearable at Google I/O, the company withheld the specs and the finer details of its “premium materials.”

What we do know from our quick time with the watch is that the Moto 360 has edge-to-edge glass and is made of stainless steel. According to MisterGadget, the Moto 360 will, as expected, sport a pedometer, heart rate sensor, and is waterproof with IP67 certification.


In addition, the Moto 360 charges wirelessly via magnetic Qi induction, and this is the first time we see it’s charging cradle. Users will rest the 360 on its side and similar to some smartphones on the market will see the battery level represented by a percentage or a blue ring around the watch face. A light also appears to indicate that a charge is in progress. This is very reminiscent of how the Palm Pre Touchstone looked and worked.

The Moto 360 is expected to be announced sometime this month and offer various band options, including leather, rubber and metal.


Source: Android.it
Via: AndroidCentral, MisterGadget